Police identify robber from Internet clip

Criminals are sharp, clever, and astute and probably practice their every move beforehand--however they tend to forget about locating the all-seeing eye of a hidden camera.

Clip recording of two boys trying to grab a girl’s handbag

On November 5, a police team nabbed a crook in Ho Chi Minh City, who had been involved to a few robberies and snatching incidents, through clip recordings posted on the Internet.

The clip showed a girl being attacked by two young men on Nguyen Huu Canh Street. At that time, the girl was driving on the street with her friend when two crooks, Diep Tan Dung and Le Minh Pha, both 19 years-of-age, tugged at the bag on the girl’s shoulder which caused her to fall down on the street. 

As the two crooks lost their hold on the bag, they returned once again to grab it. This time however, the girl’s friend was able to fend them off. This entire incident was recorded on camera by a car that was trailing behind.

After this clip was posted on the Internet on September 25, a police team moved quickly to apprehend Diep Tan Dung (nickname ‘Dung Small’) in District 6 and Le Minh Pha from Thu Duc District. The two criminals were clearly identified by the clip posted on the Internet.

On November 5, police arrested Dung when he went to the house of a relative. He later confessed to his crime at the police station.

According to police records, Dung was earlier convicted for theft and   had a criminal record for an assault, resulting in visible injury. Despite his youth, Dung is quite aggressive and lives on protection racket and robbery.

The special police team is currently hunting for Pha.

By T. Thuy - Translated by Nha Tran

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