Police in Binh Phuoc invest case of half of human body

Police in the southern Province of Binh Phuoc have released information of half of a human body discovered by two local residents in attempt to identify body.

The plantation where half of a humna body is found (Photo: SGGP)

The plantation where half of a humna body is found (Photo: SGGP)

Police have launched an investigation of a decomposing half of a human body after two local residents discovered it at a plantation on November 23.
As Sai Gon Giai Phong newspaper published that on November 23, while a local couple were looking for vegetables at a cashew plantation in Dong Tam Commune, Dong Phu District, they found a half of a human body which was decomposing
Police arrived at the scene immediately. They found a tourism bad near the site of the incident, but have not been able to find the remaining half of the corpse.
On the next day, police discovered the head of the corpse which 50 meters away and the jaw-bone part was 200 meters away.
Initially, police announced the victim was male. An autopsy will be carried out by forensic pathologist to further probe of the corpse.

By CHI PHUOC - Translated by DAN THUY

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