Police officer refuses debt of hundreds of millions of VND

On June 28, Dak Lak Police department informed that they had proposed the Ministry of Public Security to fire off police officer Le Duy Tan who works at the Traffic Police Department of Dak Lak province.

police officer Le Duy Tan's People's Police Certificate ID card

police officer Le Duy Tan's People's Police Certificate ID card

Tan was discovered that he had leveraged his police ID card  for hundreds of millions of VND.

Earlier, Ngo Thi Ngoc, a resident of Ea Dang Town, Ea H'leo District, filed a lawsuit against Le Duy Tan over fraudulent misappropriation of property.

Accordingly, on April 11, Tan borrowed Ms. Ngoc the amount of VND 330 million to pay the bank debt and mortgaged with the People's Police Certificate ID card No. 389-477.

When borrowing money, Tan wrote a loan paper, promising that on April 30, 2018 he will return the money to Ms. Ngoc. On the date of the appointment, Ms. Ngoc has repeatedly reclaimed the money but this police officer gave many excuses and reasons, refused to reimburse.

Therefore, Ms. Ngoc made a denunciation to the authorities to denounce the behavior of the police officer.

According to the a high-ranking official of the police department of Dak Lak province, the department will strictly handle police or army officers and soldiers who are in the public security sector but lose police or military ID cards, or use those papers in any terms contrary to regulations.

Even officers and soldiers who are out of the public security organs all are required to return their career cards or papers issued by the military or police authorities, he said.

"The police have guided Ms. Ngoc to bring the case to court. If officer Tan escapes, Ms. Ngoc should send the petition to the provincial police to investigate the case of deceptive behavior and appropriation of property”, he added.

translated by Dan

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