Police officers shot at, while on mission to reclaim land

Six police officers in Tien Lang District in the northern province of Hai Phong were shot at and injured while on a mission to take back forceful possession of 50 hectares of land from Dao Van Vuon, whose family members revolted against the decision.

Mobile police officers surround Vuon’s house, calling for its occupants to surrender (Photo: NLD)

According to initial information, representatives of the People’s Committee of Tien Lang District called on Doan Van Vuon, 41, at his house in Vinh Quang Commune, to inform of reclaiming 50 hectares of land under his possession, which had been leased to him for a certain period of time only.

Even though the lease period of the land had expired several years ago, Vuon had not returned back the land. In addition, he has not paid taxes on his aquaculture business, which he operated from this property.

To safeguard his interests, Vuon aggressively laid out landmines around his house and land.

When a team of police officers tried to approach closer to his house, a homemade mine suddenly exploded, causing two of the officers to drop unconsciousness at the spot.

Leading the team of police officers was Senior Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Mai, who continually requested Vuon to stop his aggressive attack on the law enforcement force.

Ignoring all Mai’s requests, Vuon and a few of his family members fired at the approaching team of police officers with shotguns, seriously injuring a few.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Mai, head of the Tien Lang District Police; Captain Vu Anh Tuan; Sergeant Major Do Xuan Truong; Sergeant Nguyen Van Phong and two staff of District Safeguard were shot and injured.

Sergeant Major Do Xuan Truong shot in the eye and rushed to the National Eye Hospital (Photo: NLD)

Captain Vu Anh Tuan, 33, was transferred to the Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi with many severe wounds in his neck and chest.

Sergeant Major Do Xuan Truong was shot in the eye and rushed to the National Eye Hospital. 

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Mai, Sergeant Nguyen Van Phong and the two staff of District Safeguard were taken to the Viet Tiep Friendship Hospital in Hai Phong.

On hearing of this case, Colonel Do Huu Ca, director of the Hai Phong Police Station, gave strict instructions to the police force to deal with the situation without delay.

However, when the police force entered Vuon’s house, he and his family members de-camped in a hurry. Hai Phong police has now launched a massive man-hunt for the criminals.

Source: TTX - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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