Police uncover suspected criminals through traffic violations

More than 9,340 traffic violation cases have been handled by a team of inter-department police in Hanoi in the last three months.

Around 6,467 vehicles have been involved in traffic violations, from which fines of upto VND7.5 billion (US$360,000) have been collected. Moreover, traffic police nabbed more than 500 suspected criminals and transferred them to anti-crime police for further investigation. 15 teams of inter-department police seized 23 guns, various primitive tools, 300 grams of drugs and 27 transport hauls of smuggled commodities from traffic violation cases.

Colonel Nguyen Duc Chung, director of the Police Department in Hanoi, said 15 mission teams will continue to nab more suspected persons in a bid to maintain law and order in the capital city during the Tet season.

Ten teams of another inter-department police have been assigned to maintain law and order on public transport systems. These teams have been keeping checks on bus stations, hospitals and other public places for one year and have so far captured 876 decoys who force passengers from far off locations to get on their vehicles. Police also asked 32 passenger buses to suspend operations due to violations.

By K. Nguyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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