Police warn of modern carjackers’ trick

Modern highway robbers were recently arrested in HCM City. They were said to have been involved in eight robberies targeting people carrying money in their cars in districts 1 and 3, between June 4 and July 10. Police have warned local drivers to be vigilant of the robbers’ tricks.

Driver Tran Cong Danh, shows nailed tire  (Photo: Phap Luat Online)

Major Pham Van Phong, head of the Criminal Police Department (PC14)  said that the members of the ring kept a close watch on customers who had just left banks to determine who had withdrawn large amounts of money and followed close behind.

Since such customers almost always put the money in large sacks, the robbers followed after the customers from the banks to their cars to see where they would put the bags.

A targeted car would then be followed, with the robbers driving scooters after them.

When the car stopped at an intersection, one of the robbers pretended to drop a packet of cigarettes behind the car and got off the scooter to pick it up.

While bent down, the robber quickly stuck a sharp nail into a back tire.

After running for a while, the car would have to stop.

The robbers took advantage of the people’s impatience while waiting for the tire to be replaced. Instead of remaining in their seat, they got out of the car to help to driver with the replacement.

While people in the car get out, the robbers would open a car door, snatch the bag of money and ride off.

Even when the car was locked, the robbers could still open it by using self-made keys.

Major Phong said that such a trick had occurred in the city for the first time and warned people to be vigilant.

As a measure, on July 8, the PC14  coordinated with the police from Districts 1 and 3 to crack down on the ring.

On July 14, a police squad had been watching the gang, who were riding on five motorbikes closely following a car driven by Tran Cong Danh, driver of Kingsing Company.

Sitting in the back seats were Cho Pao Liang, Taiwanese director of the company, and Lam Hung, his interpreter.

They had just left MEGA ICBC Bank at 5B Ton Duc Thang after withdrawing more than US$22,000.

The criminals began to use their typical trick when the car stopped at a red light.

After driving for a while after being nailed, the car had to stop in front of a house on Tran Hung Dao Street, District 1.

While the driver and one passenger got out of the car to replace the tire. One of the robbers quickly pulled up and stole the money while the others distracted the driver and two passengers by pretending to be curious bystanders.

The police gave chase and finally managed to arrest six of the robbers.

Two others, Ibrahim Haskim, 42, who was allegedly in charge of opening the door of vehicle to snatch the money, and Yaris Rinata, 37, escaped and fled Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat Airport on July 14.

The alleged robbers all have Indonesian citizenship.

They entered Vietnam on tourist visas and stayed at Hien Anh and Thien Hoa hotels in Districts 1. They hired scooters in the backpacker district in Pham Ngu Lao Street.

This is seen as a significant achievement for the police, as they mark the 47th anniversary of the establishment of the police force on July 20.  

By Duong Loan – Translated by Phuong Lan

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