Polices investigate fake railway accident to get insurrance compensation

Police in Hanoi’s Bac Tu Liem District yesterday said  that they have uncovered an insurance scams.

A Vietnamese woman had hired a man to chop down one third of her hand and her foot to claim the insurance payout yet after three month investigation, police found out it is a cheat to pocket up to VND3.5 billion (US$156,945).

Before, at midnight on May 5, police in Bac Tu Liem District was informed of a railway accident and traffic accident victim was verified 30 year old woman in Phuc Tho District who has one third of left hands and left feet cut off. Police officers were quick to take her to a hospital for emergency treatment.

However, gangrene set in her injuries, surgeons of Viet-Duc (Viet-German) Hospital had to amputate her climbs.

The woman told police that she was wandering along the railway because she felt sad about her family and did not pay attention to the railway; consequently she had been accident. Luckily, a young man passed through and she shouted for help.

However, police investigators have suspicion on her statement. After three months, investigators verified the woman and the young man have relation. Police officers questioned them many times. At last, the woman admitted she had hired a young man to chop down her hand and foot hoping that people believed that she was victim of railway accident, for that, she would get VND3.5 billion in compensation from insurrance company.

By Ham Yen – translated by Uyen Phuong

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