Rioting passengers face forever flying ban

Those guilty of appropriating and rioting aboard, at airports and flight control service providers will be banned from flying forever, according to a decree on aviation security released by the Government recently.

According to the decree, passengers disturbing, not implementing administrative penalty decisions in civil aviation field and making statements of threatening nature on the use of bombs, dynamite, radioactive substances, bio weapons at airport check-in and isolation areas and on the airplanes will be prohibited from flying from 3-12 months.

The same ban will be applied to those intentionally spreading news or supplying wrong information about bombs, dynamite, radioactive substances, bio and chemical weapons to affect civil aviation operation; using forged papers to fly and causing public disorder and discipline at airports and on the airplanes.

Those repeating one of the above violations after being penalized will be forbidden from flying from 12-24 months.

Forever ban will take effect to those having been banned from flying from 12-24 month but still break regulations, illegally interfering in civil aviation operation as per regulations at Item 2 of Clause 190 of the revised Civil Aviation Law, appropriating and rioting at airports and air control service providers.

Aerial security personnel will be equipped with modern weapons and other assistance tools and commanded by captains to take actions against the illegal interferences in accordance with regulations issued by Minister of Public Security.

By Phan Thao – Translated by Hai Mien

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