Safe veggies cooperatives fined for dishonest deeds

Inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued fines to two vegetables cooperatives which produce safe food for supermarkets for blending unsafe veggies with safe kinds.

Inspectors have uncovered employees of the two cooperative to buy unsafe veggies in markets to blend with safe kinds in supermarkets to earn profits. Subsequently, Dao Duc Cooperative in Dong Anh District of Hanoi and Dong Nam A Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries  Import – Export Company were fined VND24 million (US$ 1,068)  and VND10 million (US$445) respectively for their wrongdoings.

Especially, inspectors withdrew the certificates of safe food of Dong Nam A company because the land for growing safe veggies is not used for the initial purpose any more; hence, the company will no longer provide safe veggies in its deals with supermarkets.

By Phuc Hau - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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