Six former bank officials sentenced to prison

On July 2, the Hanoi People's Court charged six former bank officials for embezzling money and resorting to gambling, leading to serious consequences.

Le Quang Khai, 30, Nguyen Thanh Hai, 28, Le Van Hien, 44, were charged for embezzling money from savings accounts of customers and for illegal betting and gambling.

Nguyen Van Nghi, 49, Tran Van Hai, 47, and Hoang Huu Hop, 34, were charged for irresponsible acts that led to serious consequences.

According to the trial report, Le Quang Khai was a former transaction officer at the Kenh Dao Branch and Nguyen Thanh Hai was working at the Huong Son Branch of Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development in My Duc District in Hanoi.

The Kenh Dao Branch was managed by Nguyen Van Nghi as director and Tran Van Hai as his deputy.

Taking advantage of their positions and various loopholes in management and lack of tight inspections, Khai and Hai embezzled money from 177 savings accounts of clients, stealing more than VND45.8 billion. Khai alone appropriated nearly VND35 billion.

All the stolen money was later spent by them on football betting and personal shopping.

The Procuracy determined that though Nghi was the director of the bank branch he did not fulfill his responsibilities, was careless in revealing passwords of customers and thus allowed his staff Khai to take advantage.

The report also pointed out that Tran Van Hai was assigned to directly examine inspections and money orders every day. From May 17, 2010 to May 9, 2011, Tran Van Hai worked as watchdog and overlooked all 159 transactions of Khai but failed to detect fraud.  Thus, Hai had to share the responsibility of the bank theft of nearly VND35 billion at the Kenh Dao Branch.

After much deliberation, the jury sentenced Le Quang Khai,  Nguyen Thanh Hai and Le Van Hien to life imprisonment. 

For irresponsible acts leading to serious consequences, Nguyen Van Nghi received four years in prison; Tran Van Hai received three and a half years; and Hop received three years.

source SGGP, translated by MT

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