SPT resolves dispute with workers

After an article in Saigon Giai Phong Newspaper on July 18, the Labor Council of Saigon Post and Telecommunication Services (SPT) began negotiations on labor disputes mentioned in the article.

Meetings took place with the mediator, Binh Thanh District Labor Federation, SPT directors' representative and representatives of workers who have retired at the Center for Mobile of CDMA (S-Fone).

At the mediation meeting, a representative for the employees working at S-Telecom requested the SPT Company to implement payment schedule that SPT had committed to the workers such as unpaid wages, severance allowances, and social insurance.

According to SPT, the total debt liabilities from social insurance and debts of workers who have stopped working and the unpaid salaries of the transition team currently working at S-Telecom amounts to VND43 billion, of which social insurance debts are more than VND19 billion.

Due to difficulties in business, shrinking production, the FPT Company proposed to employees to share the burden and promised to settle all debts within nine months.

The company is committed that each month it will set aside VND5 billion to pay its debts, of which VND1 billion for priority payment for social insurance and employees who have retired.

The remaining VND4 billion will be used to pay all other debts including wages, severance allowances for laborers.

Relating to employees who are sacked without social insurance or unemployment subsidies, the company will support one and a half month of wages for workers who retired before June 11.

As for private social insurance debts, the company will pay for a period not exceeding nine months.

A SGGP reporter commented that the mediation meeting was successful and the employees’ representatives accepted the proposals of the company.

However, the workers wanted concerned authorities to insist on the company to abide with the above commitments.

Translated by MT

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