Thai Fishing Vessels Released

Five fishing vessels of Thailand with 58 people on board, including 24 Thais and 34 Cambodians, which violated Viet Nam ’s territorial waters, were set free on the morning of June 8, according to the Border Guard High Command.

Naval border guard unit 28 of the Border Guard High Command detected and seized the five Thai vessels when they were fishing in Viet Nam’s territorial waters on the sea area between Tho Chau island in Kien Giang province and Hon Khoai island in Ca Mau province (8 degree 52’ north latitude, 108 degree 41’30’’ east longitude).

The Border Guard High Command subsequently instructed the naval border guard unit to free all the seized vessels and crewmen and provide them with petrol and food in accordance with the Vietnamese government’s humanitarian policy.

The captains and fishermen on the five vessels admitted their violation of Viet Nam’s territorial waters and thanked the Vietnamese government for its humanitarian policy.

The case is only one among numerous violations of Viet Nam’s western sea area by foreign fishing vessels, and which usually receive lenient treatment from Viet Nam. 

Source: VNA

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