Two detained for inciting citizens over mass fish deaths

Ha Tinh province Police on May 2 said that they had coordinated with Quang Binh police to hold on custody 46 year old Tran Minh Tam and 27 year old Chu Manh Son, free labors in Hanoi and Nghe An, for collecting and spreading information on the internet to incite the public over the recent mass fish death incident in the central region.

Tam had been sentenced to 12 months in prison for fraudulent appropriation of assets in October 2013. Son received 30 month imprisonment sentance in 2012 and one year probation for propagandizing against the Vietnamese state.

At investigation agencies, Tam admitted that he is member of the Vietnam Path Movement. He has collected sensitive politic information, interviewed some subjects with same points of views and thought and activities against the Vietnamese Communist Party and State to spread on social media and criticize legal policies and operation of authorized agencies.

On April 26, Tam entered Formosa Industrial Zone in Ha Tinh to film and interview local citizens for reportage on social media to spur protests over the fish death complicating local public disorder and security.

The police have seized documents related to the two men’s activities including illegal documents that overseas subjects sent to Tam and other members and a total fund of $3,000. Tam had been paid US$400 a month to conduct instructions by his organization.

Son declared that he received contacts from many individuals and reactionary organizations in Vietnam and abroad including Viet Tan in the U.S, who have induced him to attend their activities.

At the time of being detained, Son was member of ‘Viet Tan tuong tro’ (Viet Tan mutual aid), a secret group that Viet Tan established on Facebook.

On April 30, Son and some subjects got on a coach to Quang Binh province to collect information and images, in which citizens gathered at some spots along National Highway 1A, to spread on the internet to distort and incite the public.

Son was arrested by Ha Tinh and Quang Binh police while using his cell phone to take photographs of the crowds and send on Facbook.

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By Duong Quang – Translated by Hai Mien

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