Two Imposters Charged with Selling Fake Stocks

Hai Phong City People’s Supreme Prosecute has recently approved the prosecution and detain of two imposters accused of trying to sell $62.5 million worth of fake stocks last month.

Police now have permission to hold the two imposters in custody for 4 months while they continue their investigation.

The Hai Phong City Police caught the culprits red-handed while they were preparing to sell 300 stocks at the Do Son Resort in Hai Phong city on August 31.

The accused, Lam Thu Huong, 32, from Lam Dong Province and Ly Huu Hoang, 61, overseas Vietnamese, were cooperating with Tra Thi Sen, 36, director of the Hoa Nguyen Joint-Stock Company, in an attempt to sell the fake stocks under the name of a joint stock company in Nam Dinh Province.

Both Huong and Sen have been imposters of the company’s general director and CEO before.

Reported by Van Phuc - Translated by Hoang Uy

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