Using banned chemicals in agriculture, processing food to be prosecuted

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Chief Inspector Nguyen Van Viet, the country will prosecute those who use banned chemicals in agriculture and processing food, aiming to deter them from committing the violation.

Chief Inspector Nguyen Van Viet (Photo: SGGP)

As the Ministry is thinking prevention measures against using banned chemicals in agriculture and husbandry, Mr. Viet said taking criminal proceedings against those violate the regulation can deter them.

The Ministry has carried out many measures to control the issue. The Ministry of Health has added Salbultamol into the list of substances under close observation and tightened the control over importing the substance to curb the selling of the substance from pharmaceutical companies to farms and animal feed stores.

Inspection teams regularly take samples from animal feed factories. Importantly, animal feed companies have been warned of the danger of using banned chemicals.

However, violations have seen farms and slaughterhouses though it reduced much more than before. Inspector detected 98 samples of 1,000 samples taken from farms in 15 provinces for test in January, 2016 but in February, just 17 of 1,457 samples were detected to have banned chemicals and just three of 457 samples ( the rate is 0.66 percent) had banned chemicals in March.

Though management of antibiotic is more complicated than banned chemicals because pharmaceutical company imported materials to make drug to treat patients. Yet inspectors will do their best in managing the material.

Inspectors have detected violation in companies in the North, these companies will be under special scrutiny. The authority must control these importers so curb the supplies for farms. Accordingly, antibiotic abusing in husbandry will decrease drastically.

The new law revised in 2015 allowed related agencies to prosecute companies and individuals when inspectors discover them using the banned chemicals. Mr. Viet warned people not to use banned substances because they will be prosecuted.

By Phuc Hau – translated by Anh Quan

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