Viet Nam Nabs Korean Man for Racketeering Ties

Vietnamese police have handcuffed Lee Peum, 54, a South Korean national being wanted in his home country for involving in an extortion and casino racket there which were once allegedly hired to arm-twist another fellow citizen into relinquishing his stakes to its ‘client’.

A source told Sai Gon Giai Phong yesterday that two months ago, a Mr. S., a 56-year-old Korean bought two casinos in Ha Noi and the southern resort Vung Tau Town but later were forced by Lee Peum’s ring to surrender them to his rival.

Mr. L. who wanted the casinos, apparently hired the Korea-based racket which then sent several members to Viet Nam.

In August last year, the thugs broke in Mr. S’s house in Ha Noi and forced him to sign all legal documents to transfer his business stakes worth 6 billion won (over US$6 million) to Mr. L.

After Mr. S. reported the matter to Vietnamese and Korean authorities, Seoul police busted the ring and apprehended some members. However, Lee Peum had managed to escape at the time.

By Ng.Vinh – Translated by BH

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