Viet Tan exploits fish death to disturb public order, HCMC Police

Viet Tan terrorist group known as the Vietnam Reform Party has taken advantage of the fish death in the north central region of Vietnam to induce local hostile subjects and incite citizens to gather in Ho Chi Minh City downtown, disturbing public order, said a representative of the city’s Police Department yesterday afternoon.
The gatherings took place in HCMC on May 1 and 8 in the capacity of environmental protection, the representative said. They were not spontaneous but prepared in advance and linked each other.
Specifically, Viet Tan delivered water, bread and money to participants of the gatherings and set up groups to support troublemakers who were coerced into stopping disturbing by local authorities.
According to the police agency, opponents incited to harbor intentions of causing public disorder, from which to sabotage the election of the National Assembly and all level people’s councils on May 22 with deeper design to change the socialist regime in Vietnam.
For these reasons, they have created events to lead citizens to gather and cause violent disturbances.
During the last gatherings, some extremists used tear gas and other means to oppose order protection forces and injure four youth volunteers at the scene.
In addition, the extremists have used social media to call upon a hunt into those attending in keeping order at the gatherings to “handle” with a reward of VND5 million (US$224) for finding out their addresses and VND20 million ($895) for causing them injuries. As a result, some malefactors have destroyed a youth volunteer’s house. Police agencies have investigated this case.
The gatherings resulting in public disorder on May 1 and 8 show that Viet Tan has induced many local hostile elements including minors and those with previous convictions and offences, such as 17 year old H T P who leads the life of a wander in different areas of HCMC.
Besides disturbing public order, the gatherings have caused heavy damage to many home-based businesses in the center of the city.
The Party and Government have instructed authorized agencies to investigate and address causes of the mass fish death in the north central region. Hence, citizens should be aware of this and prevent from being induced by wrongdoers to attend in the gatherings and disturb public order.

By Ai Chan – Translated by Hai Mien

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