Violations of Drug Import Law to Be Criminal Offence

The Ministry of Health has just promulgated Decision 17/2006/QD-BYT temporarily stipulating the import of unregistered medicines. The Decision is valid from June to September 2006.

Violations in drug import will be punished strictly. (Photo: T.C.)

Accordingly, the Ministry will consider and grant the import permit for unregistered pharmaceutical products that meet one of the following conditions: 
Medicines have pharmaceutical compositions which belong to groups of pharmacological properties or medicines with few registration numbers available in Viet Nam as stipulated in the approved list of Viet Nam Pharmacy Management Bureau; medicines with pharmaceutical composition still unregistered in Viet Nam; medicines which are rare, specific and compounded especially for treatment; medicines are imported under a technology transferring or franchising contract and registered but waiting for registration numbers; medicines are imported according to special treatment demands of hospitals. 
Importers have to declare imported medicine prices. If any medicine importers, individuals or organizations, violate regulations on medicine imports they will be subjected to penalties by the Ministry of Health in the form of administrative fines or suspension of import licence for  6 months to one year, or charged with criminal office and brought to trials according to the laws.

By Q.Ph. – Translated by Yen Chuong

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