Woman receives fine $321 for using other’s personal papers

The Noi Bai Airport Authority has decided to issue a fine of VND7.5 million ($ 321) on a passenger in Hanoi who was using other’s personal papers.

The female passenger was discovered to use other’s personal paper when completing check-in procedures for the flight VN253 from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in the end of September.
The woman confessed to use her friend ID for check-in in the airport; accordingly, she received fine of VND7.5 million as per the regulation.
The Aviation Authority of Vietnam said that airport security officers have discovered that many passenger used other passengers’ personal papers who did not use the fare. Checking personal papers involves in aviation security; therefore, such violators will receive harsh penalty.
The Authority said that in addition to ID, passengers can use other personal papers such as driving license, Party member card or other certifications with police seal.


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