In the center is the shrine of the Goddess Mariamman and in a relief above the shrine the goddess is seated with the gods Ganesha and Naaga on either side.

Saigon’s Most Popular Hindu Temple

For most first time Indian visitors to Vietnam, it comes as an absolute and very pleasant surprise to find a sacred Hindu Temple, which is still open for worship, in the very heart of a bustling downtown area of Saigon.
Professor Hoang Tuy

The brilliance of late mathematician Professor Hoang Tuy

Professor Hoang Tuy was awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize in 1996 for science and technology, the Phan Chu Trinh Prize in 2010, and was the first ever recipient of the Constantin Carathéodory Prize from the International Society of Global Optimization for his pioneering work and contributions to global optimization.
Nguyen Kim Hon reunited with her elderly mother 22 years after being missing

Bac Lieu: Allegedly dead woman finally returned after 22 years

After being lost in China for 22 years, Nguyen Kim Hon, 43 years old, had found her way back to Vietnam through the help of charity club members and social media. She finally reunited with her mother in the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu on July 4th of 2019.
A beehive built in a tree trunk by Gie Trieng people (Photo: SGGP)

Synthetic bee hives: One for them, one for man

Generations of Gie Trieng native ethnic minority people in village 6, Phuoc Loc commune in Quang Nam province, have been building mock hives for bees to collect their honey, a way to gain more income and also do their part in protecting the forest.
A cicada hunter at night (Photo: SGGP)

The quest for cicada pupae

As sudden early-season rain showers wipe away the blazing summer heat, baby cicadas would start shedding their skins. Attracted by the delicacy that is molting cicadas, insect hunters have found themselves venturing into distant woods at night collecting cicada pupae – a way for them to make some cash and also relive childhood memories in the process.
Young cooks are displaying their dishes in a tourism festival in Ho Chi Minh City

Culinary career attracts young Vietnamese

An increasing number of young people in Vietnam these days are opting for a job or even starting up their business in the culinary field. Statistics show that this is a highly potential field at the moment, yet it also poses various demands for those wishing to pursue culinary jobs.