A Fairy Tale in Modern Time

The couple, Nguyen Dinh Tung and Trinh Thi Loi are thought to be crazy as they sold their house in the town of Ha Lam, in the central province of Quang Nam to set up a shelter for elderly persons and disadvantaged children at the foot of Duong Bo Mountain.

The plan for the accommodation shelter for the underprivileged is to be constructed on a 5,000 meter squared piece of land. The husband, Nguyen Dinh Tung said that he and his wife owe a big debt of gratitude for their life to people around them.

Another plus for setting up a place where homeless elderly persons and unfortunate infants live is that Tung’s wife, Trinh Thi Loi craves maternal love because her mother died when she was five year old. She and her two younger siblings grew up with the help and protection of close relatives.

The lack of motherly love created the idea of helping homeless, elderly people to seek the love from them. She has cherished that idea for years and now that her children have grown, she told her husband about it and happily enough, he is very supportive of her.

After 30 April, 1975, Mr. Tung had to quit his job as a teacher to earn a better living but his wife clung to the meager income of her teaching career.

Through experiencing the rise and fall in business, he at last gained achievements thanks to his patience and dedication. The happiest thing is that his children study well and two are university graduates and the youngest has also entered college.

Over 30 years, the couple have bought three houses. On the day when they were given a go-ahead for setting up a shelter for unfortunate people, they burst into tears and decided to put up an advertisement to sell their houses immediately.

After three months building, the shelter has received the first homeless people and a man with no family named Huynh Van Lien. Mr. Lien, a retired teacher, lives alone in a hut under the foot of Duong Bo Mountain and is now the manager of the shelter.

The couple is very busy after the opening of the shelter; they are seeking caretakers and trainers to assist them. They are hesitant to call for contributions from their friends and two children who are architects to run the shelter.

In the worst case scenario, they will sell the second house and their ornamental plants, otherwise they will call for contributions of benefactors. In June, they plan to receive 25 elderly persons and open a vocational class.

By Nguyen Hoang - Translated by Anh Quan

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