An arduous bicycles tour for environmental awareness

Three photography enthusiasts are on a trans-Vietnam bike ride to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Trans-Vietnam cyclists Vu Quang Anh, Nguyen Hoang Long, Pham Thanh Long, from front to back, with some of their supporters

The three men started their 2,000 kilometer journey in Ho Chi Minh City on November 20 and is expected to reach Hanoi on January 8.

The men met online, at the photography website, and have never been on a bicycle tour before. The website has more 25,000 members from Vietnam and all over the world.

Pham Thanh Long, 32, is a lawyer, Nguyen Hoang Long, 32, is a salesman and Vu Quang Anh, 28, works in marketing.

Aside from sharing an interest in photography, the three men are active in the field of charity. They have worked together to build houses of gratitude, assist in providing medical care to poor children and assistance to the poor and flood victims.

To help them on their arduous journey, the men have modern equipment, including digital map software VIETMAP, laptops and walkie-talkies. They will take pictures along the way of Vietnam’s beautiful landscapes that need to be protected.

The trio did one month of physical training to prepare for the journey. Members of the website helped with their training regime and gave advice on tackling mountain passes, sheltering from the wind and conserving their energy. Racing cyclists reminded Thanh Long, Hoang Long and Quang Anh the most important thing was they supported each other to ensure they arrived at their destination together.

Many people including their wives, children and friends gave the group a good send-off at Dau Giay three-way crossroads in Dong Nai province.

Thanh Long, Hoang Long and Quang Anh will face difficulties on their journey. However, they will be receiving encouragement and support from their family, friends and the 25,000 members of the website, which will also carry daily updates, in Vietnamese, on their journey.


Source: Thanh Nien newspaper – Translated by Thanh Huong

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