Business Initiatives to be connected

          Thuy Giang and Huu Quyen

The 1st prize of the competition “Internet business Initiatives” was awarded to Dinh Huu Quyen (from T&J Company) for his “Online Flower Supermarket”.

Quyen one day recognized that it was difficult to buy beautiful flowers at reasonable prices. A thought suddenly flashed through his mind: a modern flower supermarket with careful nationwide information of flowers including colors, prices, quality.

Besides, photographs of blossoms with codes and prices will be posted on public places so that customers will have more options to enjoy beautiful blooms. Additionally, telephone numbers will be added in each picture direct order.

“Mail online”

Minh Uy, a habitual net surfer, feels trouble when comparing different prices before buying something. Having heard of long-existing international malls, a place for even small items to big commodities, Uy, a student from Lotus College, thought of “Mail online”.

A website as he said contains all addresses, prices, after-sales services of many products, so that buyers just used one “click” for their demands.

A Less-costly website for businesses

Thuy Giang, a student from Foreign Trade University, has another practical observation, which gave her the third prize . The rising establishment of around 19 thousand businesses per year has led to objective requirements on market research and knowledge of laws.

Usually, market research campaigns are very costly, perhaps up to thousands of dollar, which is not affordable to small and medium businesses. Giang hopes that her website will assist entrepreneurs and businesses at lower cost.

Dreams shared

Apparently, Vietnamese e-trade has not much developed for the risks of accounts’ pin released and the very new form of this business.

Dealing with this problem, Quyen affirmed that his “Online Flower Supermarket” will admit both cash and credit cards. Cash payment will be used in direct dealings until credit card payments are reliable.

At the concern of copyrights of these already-presented initiatives, Uy and Giang said that if these initiatives are not shared, they would be wasted. Hopefully, these websites will attract the attentions of big companies so that the Internet will be useful and profitable for everyone, they added.

Quyen excitedly said that thanks to this competition, his website under creation was presented and assisted, revealing that two companies have offered cooperation in his project.

Source: TN - Translated by Van Hanh

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