Communist Businessman Looks at More Than Just Bottom Line

“Communist ideals have been guidelines for my life and career during 30 years,” said Chinese-Vietnamese Dang Quoc Hung, director of Kim Boi Fine Arts and Handicraft Ltd. Company. 

Dang Quoc Hung, director of Kim Boi Fine Arts and Handicraft Ltd. Company

Mr. Hung became a member of the Communist Youth Union in 1976, and has been a candidate member of the Vietnamese Communist Party since 1978.
He said a party membership card doesn’t tell much about the member. His lifestyle, contribution to the community, role and behavior in society are more significant.
“I have this since I completed lessons for candidate members of the communist party 30 years ago,” he added.
“A communist doesn’t enrich only himself, he cares about people around, society, and unemployment,” Mr. Hung said.
“I can trade real estate to get rich, but I don’t. I have opened a factory in Ben Tre Province where I were born to offer my countrymen jobs. Thus they don’t drift from job to job in other cities and aren’t a burden for cities,” he added.
He has made coconut handicraft products for export because he wants to encourage and use craftsmen’s enormous talents, he said.
“My achievements as a businessman are not only money, but also social contributions, reducing unemployment, and exporting products made from coconut by-product,” Mr. Hung said.
The Party Committee of District 1 has proposed that a party cell be established at his company, a rare event at private companies.
Kim Boi Company has nearly 100 types of products with over 400 different designs. After 10 years of operation, it has found a firm foothold for its products made from coconut by-product.
The company has received many contracts from the U.S. and European countries.
Kim Boi has completed the construction of a four-hectare handicraft village in Xuan Thoi Son commune, Hoc Mon District, where its products are made and introduced to customers.

By Minh Anh – Translated by Yen Chuong

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