Ha Giang hosts second National Mong Festival in Ha Giang

The second National Mong Festival will be held in Đong Văn District in the mountainous northern Ha Giang Province.

Ethnic festival: Khen dancing of the Mong people. Photo dienbientv.vn

The festival will include Mong traditional, cultural and sports activities. There will be a costume show, folk singing, and a cooking contest, where Mong culinary specialties will be introduced.

The Mong festival aims to introduce the traditional values and culture of Vietnamese ethnic minority groups of the mountainous areas to tourists, contributing to the preservation of their unique culture.

At the festival’s opening ceremony, an announcement will be made about the cultural heritage of the Mongs being recognised as a national intangible cultural heritage.

The second National Mong Festival will be held in October. It will coincide with the Tam Giac Mach Flower Festival in Ha Giang Province.

The Khen Mong Festival will be a highlight of the National Mong Festival. This is a Ha Giang Province annual venue for panpipe artists in Đong Van Karst Plateau to meet, exchange, and present great performances to the audience.


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