Kindhearted woman raises money for disadvantaged

Nguyen Thi Bach Cuc, head of the women union’s branch of Quarter 3, Ward 8, District 3, HCM City, is well-known as a kindhearted woman who for many years has raised funds for the poor, from collecting garbage and making money from her bread stall.

A student (L) puts money in a charity box at Ms. Cuc's (R) bread stall.

When the HCMC Women's Union launched the campaign to save a small amount of money for the disadvantaged, Ms. Cuc collected public garbage to redeem what money she could make.

She has also called on people to put money in a charity box at her bread stall. Many people have responded to by also saving money for disadvantaged people.

A grade-schooler skipped breakfast to put money in the box “to help disadvantaged children go to school,” he said.

A nursery teacher, from Pham Ngu Lao kindergarten in District 3, called her colleagues to support the fund.

“I’m much thankful and never forget those people who have sincere hearts,” she said.

At first, residents in the quarter wondered what she collected garbage for. Until one day at Tet, she opened the bank to make a traditional feast of braised pork and egg in coconut milk to give to 50 poor households.

Since then, people have supported her by bringing garbage to put in front of her house.

The woman also receives support from her family, who always stand side by her.

To date, Ms. Cuc has raised about VND20 million (over US$1,000) to help local women eliminate hunger and reduce poverty.

By Thach Thao – Translated by Kim Khanh

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