Lack of education seen in shocking clips

Over the past several days, Vietnamese teenagers have uploaded a series of shocking videos to online communities. These videos are either obscene or include violent content.

The scene of beating a puppy to death

One clip shows a boy and a girl kissing passionately in class as other students watch, get excited and encourage them.

The “kissing video” was shot by a student with his cell phone and then posted on the Internet.  Most bloggers and members of online forums were amazed at what they saw in the clip. One commented, “Today's teen students are too bold and daring.”

A 10-minute “swearing video” unleashed a hail of invective on “playboys” (unfaithful boyfriends). The host of this video was a teenage girl. Wearing a low-necked blouse, she expressed herself forcefully using obscene words and a bitter tone. Most of the comments written in response expressed disapproval, but a few said that “it is interesting.”

This clip was followed by a violent six-minute video created by a group named “Bien Hoa Vip.” The most striking image in the clip shows a boy beating a puppy to death with a cane. “No words can be used for such a cruel act” was one comment. “Is that boy without a heart?” wrote another. “How savage it is!” was another response. All Vietnamese bloggers considered the killing of the dog to be unacceptable.

What was the aim of these teens when they created such terrible clips? It is assumed that they want to become center of the attention, or want be high and mighty. One teen asked: “Is it shame or fame when you draw others’ attention by such cruel, uncivilized actions?”

The creation of violent and obscene clips by teens may be a result from the lack of education concerning sex, behavior and morality for teenagers. According to Mr. Trinh Trung Hoa, a psychological expert who works for 1080 Operator, the acts conducted in these clips must be condemned and erased.

“Human beings have a desire for self-exposure, and blogs or video clips are means to do so,” Hoa said. “For example, a lustful man often wants to manifest unhealthy ideas in his mind via pornographic images or acts, and a cruel man often trends to behave violently.”

“A personality takes shape in childhood, when we are greatly affected by actions of adults around us,” he said. “The example of adult behaviors can lead children towards the good.”

By Hoai Lam – Translated by Truc Thinh

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