Missing Berlin

Whoever come to Berlin in the first time also wish to visit the historic wall with 169,5 km in length and the height of 3,6m separating Berlin into West and East from 1961 to 1990.

The author and her friends in Berlin.(Photo: SGGP)

In a night of 1990, thousands of Berliners pushed the wall down but kept a part of it for memorial vestige. Now it is decorated with scores of paintings of pavement artists.

I held apiece of blue – painted small concrete as a symbol of the wall, recalling some Deusch friends’ comments that there is still a gap between the lives of people in the two sides of the wall. The real wall does not exist any more but the invisible wall does.

High standard living, more free time and welfare are these interesting features of Germany. The working hour starts at 10a.m and shops’ closing hour is 20. At night, groups of young people gather in front of the fast food window, eating and talking and throwing snow at the others and dancing to Flamenco melody.

Opposite The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Christmas Fair in Potsdamer Platz3 Avenue, an artificial snow hill for skiing enthusiast to imagine that they are going down the Alps Mountains.

In Berlin, tourists can visit the 365m TV tower in which there is a revolving restaurant that gives you an overview of the city. The peace gateway Bradenburg built from 1788to 1791 is honored as the most excellent ancient architecture and regarded as the most famous historical work of Germany for it witnessed the country’s history. Since the wall Berlin rose, it became a part of boundary but when the wall fell, the gateway Bradenburg opened again.

From the West gate of Bradenburg to the East side of Marx-Engel square is the avenue under the Snowbell with the length of 1390m and the width of 60m, a well-known avenue in Berlin. Here many architecture works and thriving business sections gather, especially Humbolt University.

The best university of the former East Germany was the palace of Frederich II’s brother. In 1810, linguist Karl Wilhelm von Humbolt suggested turning it into university. This school has received several important figures such as two great revolutionaries Marx and Engels, philosopher Hegel, scientist Albert Einstein…

You can not help visiting German history museum built in 1818 with the ancient Roman architecture. The head of states and leaders usually lay a wreath at the memorial house for those who were killed by fascists.

Opposite the house is Square Alexander, named after Tsar Alexander I. Near by are two art centers namely, the ancient library and the National Opera Institute, built by German King Frederic II in 1743. The 1843 fire and World War II destroyed it; however, it was restored into a nice work with German’s traditional art decoration.

The most interesting thing in Berlin at this time of the year is that snow is falling on the ground while yellow leaves are still on the tree.

 Looking at the infants in their cradle pushed along the street by their mothers, I missed my child a lot. She is deprived of this privilege because there is no space in pavements in Vietnam for pedestrians.

Kieu Oanh-Translated by Uyen Phuong

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