Yuko ( with a conical hat and Vietnamese traditional clothing) talks to residents about safe eating (Photo: SGGP)

Japanese flower helps residents in Vietnamese Central Highlands

Japanese Morita Yuko gave up her stable job in Japan and goodbye her relatives to work as a volunteer in Mang Yang district, a rural and mountainous district of the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai, for over ten years.
Young cooks are displaying their dishes in a tourism festival in Ho Chi Minh City

Culinary career attracts young Vietnamese

An increasing number of young people in Vietnam these days are opting for a job or even starting up their business in the culinary field. Statistics show that this is a highly potential field at the moment, yet it also poses various demands for those wishing to pursue culinary jobs.

Phan Minh Thong is patiently teaching his students in the Binh Thanh School of Hope for Hearing-impaired People

Deaf mute teacher eagerly promotes arts among handicapped children

With a strong desire to help physically disabled children to live in harmony in the community and freely express their thoughts through arts, Mr. Phan Minh Thong, a deaf mute teacher in the Binh Thanh School of Hope for Hearing-impaired People (sited in Binh Thanh District of Ho Chi Minh City), is striving to teach them necessary drawing skills. Sharing the same background with his students, Mr. Thong has achieved impressive success.

Phan Thiet produces over 20 million liters of fish sauce a year, mostly sold to companies to make fish sauce products (Photo: SGGP)

Trade villages with century history of fish sauce production

Sai Gon Giai Phong Newspaper’s reporters have recently been present in trade villages where locals have made fish sauce for a century in Nha Trang of Khanh Hoa province, Ganh Do of Phu Yen province, Phan Thiet of Binh Thuan in the central region; Phu Quoc in the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang and Cat Hai in the northern city of Hai Phong.

Contestants of the Charming Ao Dai Contest

The annual March of Ao Dai in HCMC

March is the month of Ao Dai in Ho Chi Minh City. The local authorities encourage female workers of people’s committees of districts, government agencies, schools and universities throughout the city to wear Ao dai during this month.

Mechanician makes portraits of Trump, Kim with thousands of screws

A man in Ho Chi Minh City has spent one week to make portraits of President of the United States Donald Trump and leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong-un with thousands of screws, celebrating the second summit between the US and DPRK in Hanoi

 The cultural preservation site of S’Tieng ethnic minority group in Bom Bo hamlet

Traditional culture well preserved in magnanimous Bom Bo hamlet

Soc Bom Bo (Bom Bo hamlet) is associated with the magnanimous period of the protracted resistance against the French colonial and the American troops in the 20th century by S’Tieng ethnic minority. Nowadays, Bom Bo has put on a new coat but still kept and preserved its traditional culture and beauties.
Bun Bo Hue – Most popular Vietnam food favorites

Bun Bo Hue – Most popular Vietnam food favorites

Bun Bo Hue well-known as the most popular Vietnamese food favorite is beef noodle soup or Vietnamese soup containing rice vermicelli, beef and pettioes originated in Hue. It is one of the ten culinary specialties voted in the top of  Vietnamese cuisinesfor the first time in 2012.