“Ruc” Ethnic Minority Getting Richer

New houses in the village are under construction

Daily life of the “Ruc” people has changed dramatically. The following descriptions can say something about their reforms.

Tragedy in the past

Previously, the “Ruc” ethnic minority lived in mountainous areas which are remote from modern society. They mainly lived on hunting, collecting and sometimes fishing. They moved to other areas when the source of food became scarce.

Women in this ethnic group used to have up to four to five children, sometimes seven. However, the population of “Ruc” ethnic group declined because of high death rates which were mainly caused by low living conditions

To make things worse, many people in this ethnic group are alcoholic and heavy smokers. They routinely spend all daylong intoxicating themselves, and neglecting their work and duty. People start alcoholic addiction at an early age. They smoke all day long except when sleeping.

That is the story of the “Ruc” ethnic minority in the past.

Life in present time

Everything has changed since the Government spent VND23 billion to rebuild this village. This large sum of money was used for road and housing construction, and has created favorable conditions for the socio-economic development of Ruc ethnic people.

Women in this region are now no longer illiterate, which allows them to earn decent money from their labour. Dinh Thi Tham, a successful woman in the village, said that her retailing shop gives her more than VND4 million per year. Her house is now equipped with television, motorbikes and other household appliances.

Another villager, who raises cows, told reporters that he can earn around VND7 million per year. He now owns over 30 cows and several fields of corn and sweet potatoes.

In the 600-household village, the “Ruc” people are getting richer.

By DMP - Translated by Van Hanh

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