Start-up in the motherland

“Brain-drain” has become a common phrase for recent years and being cared by the society as many good students continuously look for opportunities studying and working abroad. As start-up movement in Vietnam has been developing, making Vietnam a start-up nation, young generations have planned to come back the motherland.

Travel helps people to broaden their mind

EBIV co-working place of Ho Duc Hoang and his partners (Photo: SGGP)

Unlike friends at the same generation, Ho Duc Hoan has decided to continue his studying abroad to cultivate his knowledge and to have experience after he graduated from University of Ho Chi Minh city Economics. At the beginning of 2012, Hoan started his studying in Finland at the invitation of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. After one-year spent studying in Finland, Hoan continued his journey in Europe, the next country he chose was France where he studied at Catholic University of Lyon under student-exchange program.

He expressed that his main target of studying abroad is to get good experiences, to deeply know how the Westerners think and work. Just as if he did not study abroad, I would not know which potential of Vietnam needs to exploit.

After three-years spent studying overseas, Hoan decided to come back the motherland. At the age of 27, Hoan has learnt knowledge from the developed countries in Finland and France. Besides that, he is enthusiastic and has new vision, open-minded to come back to his fatherland to start his own business.
The situation of Do Dac Nhan Tam (Nathan Do, Vietnamese Canadian) may be rare. He has settled in Canada with his family since 1999 when he was 18 years old and received knowledges in economics and education in Canada however, finally he has decided to come back to Vietnam.

Some nights in Canada, he ever woke up and thought that he desired to do something meaningful to Vietnam at the age of 20 and in Vietnam, he has shared Nhan Tam after 15 years living in North American country.
Studying abroad has never been in Nguyen Xuan Bang’s mind. After failing his start-ups twice, he desired to “correct his faults” by learning start-up skills of European countries where he has never been to. In 2014, when he decided to come back to Vietnam from Germany, many people out there advised him to stay in.

“Many people think that I am unwise as a lot of people desired to study abroad like me but why I decided to come back. Everyone told me about the mechanisms, salary to persuade me of staying in Germany but I think to start up my own business in my fatherland is the most amazing things.” he shared.
Finding the reasons of living in motherland.

In May, 2015, EBIV (Ebrand Index Value) – Evaluation Solutions of Brand Credibility Index of Ho Duc Hoan was officially launched. After over one year, about 250 educational agencies in Ho Chi Minh City have registered on EBIV. Of these about 70 universities, colleges with more than 10,000 students’ evaluations; 80 language centers, tutoring centers, soft skills training schools. Especially, EBIV has traveled to a million student via a pilot project coordinated with the Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City to evaluate credibility of units, schools since May, 2017.

With Bang, after coming back to Vietnam, he coordinated with his close friend named Tan Phuc to start up their own business in E-commerce field to born Gcall. Being built as a smart call-center, Gcall allows enterprises approaching free employees to become customer care staffs via system. Overcoming many difficulties, Bang and Phuc have opened their own company in Information Technology Park of Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City.

Gcall of Nguyen Xuan Bang won the first prize in the 2015 Angel Hack Event in Hanoi, a playground gathering young people in high-tech filed of Vietnam(Photo: SGGP)

Currently, there are 15 engineers working full-time for the project. Gcall Vietnam Pte. Ltd was also established in Singapore in September 2015. In the city-state, Gcall has attracted 170 small and medium enterprises, which having many American enterprises. At the moment, 350 other enterprises have registered for trial usage of the system. With those remarkable achievements, President of the US Barack Obama invited the owners of Gcall to join in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 at Silicon Valley.

He wanted to take the system to be the platform of multi- faced customer-care application in many Southeast Asian countries as Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines, Malaysia… Mr. Bang also desired that everyone could use the application in 2017.
The project “bTaskee” which was launched at the beginning of 2016 is an application of on-demand home cleaning maid service. The application of Nhan Tam was highly appreciated from the market. In December of 2016, the project has created more than 10.000 jobs for local employees. His next target is to create more 2,500 jobs per month.

This application is not built for profit the first, the owner of the apps desires to create more and more jobs for labors especially for young generations, female working labors. The project aims to ease the distance between labors and customers, and is considered as a partner relation. It is a long journey and he wished to make it cross-border apps”, said Nhan Tam.
For them (Duc Hoan, Xuan Bang, Nhan Tam or many other young people), coming back the homeland, starting up their own business are the journey to find out the reason of living.

By staff writers- Translated by Huyen Huong

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