Tea ceremony promotes peace

A tea ceremony will be held today in Ha Noi to celebrate world peace and the friendship between Viet Nam and Japan.

Houunsai Sen Genjitsu, the former head of the Urasenke Chado School, will conduct the ceremony. With the ideal of "promoting peace through a bowl of tea", he has been working towards world peace with tea ceremonies for many years.

Genjitsu is 92 years old but still very active in promoting world peace through Chado, a Japanese tea offering ceremony. He was appointed as a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 2012 and Japan-UN Goodwill Ambassador in 2005.

After the tea ceremony, he will deliver a lecture themed ‘Peacefulness Together for Everyone'.

The event will take place on the occasion of United Nations Day at the Ha Noi Law University, 87 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street. .


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