The Disabled Finding Employment Success

The disabled work in bill verification group of the Branch of Taxation of District 1

17 disabled, 17 lives, and 17 circumstances where the handicapped have overcome difficulties to demonstrate their worth.

Living life through inner determination

17 disabled persons were given employment opportunities at the Branch of Taxation of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City. Since their hiring, these individuals have distinguished themselves not by their disabilities, but rather, by their abilities. Each of the seventeen handicapped individuals hired have received “special marks” from the branch.

Nguyen Khac Phuc, the head of the Branch of Taxation expressed his highest appreciation for their efforts. According to him, these workers have earned billions of VND for the branch by creating data entry, tax management, and enterprise management software which has streamlined the branches operations. So successful was the software that it has been sent to the “Light the Faith” National Competition in Ha Noi.

One model of success is 25 year old Thanh Vu from Ho Chi Minh City, who works at the Branch of Taxation as the manager of bill verification. He was also one of those who worked with the IT group to create software for the branch. At the age of 2, Thanh Vu was stricken with polio, severely limiting his mobility. After graduating with a degree in IT from HCMC Economic University he wondered if he would be able to find employment. To his surprise, shortly after graduation he saw an announcement that the Branch of Taxation was currently recruiting disabled persons. He applied for a position and was chosen. “I feel very excited because I have been given an opportunity to earn the professional respect of others.”  Said Thanh Vu proudly.

Discovering a greater sense of self-confidence

In the Branch of Taxation, the disabled were placed in either the computing group, which focuses on IT issues, or with the program dealing with bill verification. The IT group was given the task of systematizing the computing needs of the department. Now, the branch has over 100 computers connected to an internal network that run off their software designs, which Nguyen Khac Phuc claims is always operational and works well with the needs of each department of the branch.

Nguyen Khac Phuc went on to say, “Thanks to the help of these handicapped individuals, almost all activities of the branch have been computerized and systematized in a cohesive manner. Their work with out data entry operations was crucial to the success of the branch.”

Mr. Le Ba Can, District 1 Party Committee Secretary, who was part of the initial recruitment of the disabled, has been delighted with the success of this program. He has gone on to encourage other departments to try to find at least one position that would be suitable for the disabled. Conversely, those disabled persons who have been given the opportunity cannot stop glowing with enthusiasm. All those who were interviewed made similar statements about feelings of renewed self-confidence and self worth. Therefore, this pilot program has proven to be a triumph for all those involved. While some may look at the disabled as a liability, the Branch of Taxation has been pleasantly surprised to learn just the contrary. If given the chance, the disabled can contribute just as much to the work force as the able-bodied.

Source “Tuoi Tre” – Translated by Anh Tuyet

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