Young chef introduces Vietnamese cuisine globally

Cam Thien Long, who won the gold medal in Vietnamese traditional cuisine record 2013, performed at Southeast Asian Cuisine Festival in Singapore a few weeks ago.

The famous chef performs at an event(Photo: SGGP)

The famous chef performs at an event(Photo: SGGP)

In middle of August, Vietnamese cuisine was introduced at the festival along with famous Southeast Asian food. This is a chance to promote Vietnamese traditional food to international friends.
Chef Cam Thien Long, a young winning chef who loves to cook traditional dishes of the country combined with the art of Western decoration, triumphed with bun thit nuong (Vietnamese grilled pork and rice noodles).

Tourists were absorbed by the dish; therefore, they flocked to the booth of Vietnamese cuisine. Chef Cam Thien Long revealed the recipe’s secret is how to marinate meat with normal spices and dense milk. Additionally, seasoned fish sauce also plays an important role in the dish.

People are surprised by watching chef Long is preparing Vietnamese traditional dishes because these dished are displayed in countryside items such as bamboo basket, rattan or bamboo frame yet they are so delicious.

Chef Long said that he cooked Western dishes in seven years. However, international friends in a cooking class in Italy which he pursued after winning scholarship.

In his spare time, he often prepared Vietnamese dishes to treat his classmates who were absorbed into his dishes encouraging him to develop Vietnamese culinary art.

By THI HONG - Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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