12 Action Teams Nationwide

On May 22, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth Union held a press conference  introducing the campaign of volunteer students from colleges and schools in summer 2006 (a.k.a. the Youth Volunteer Campaign in Summer 2006) in Ha Noi.

Young people in Ha Noi join volunteer campaign to dredge up Kim Nguu River. (Photo VNA/VNS)

According to Mr Nguyen Manh Dzung, Head of Department of School Youth of the Union’s Central Committee, the campaign aims to organize volunteer activities such as helping needy localities, implementing local socio-economic development plans, teaching IT knowledge among adolescents, helping with the university entrance examinations in 2006, and organizing international volunteer activites.

Along with organizing teams participating in voluntary acitities in the neighboring country of Laos, the Central Committee of Communist Youth Union also constructs information  networks to encourage international youth volunteer organizations and overseas Vietnamese students to take part in volunteer work in Vietnam. Registrations, organizationally or individually, can be made either with Department of School Youth in provinces and cities or through website: www.doanthanhnien.org.vn. The launching ceremony themed "Youths’ Journey over Truong Son Mountain" will be held at Quang Tri on May 27 and broadcast live on VTV3.

Source: TN – Translated by Thu Nga

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