12th Party Congress pushes reforms

The 12th National Party Congress is a congress of solidarity, democracy, discipline and renewal, demonstrating its resolve to increase comprehensive and synchronous reforms while promoting the country's rapid and sustainable development.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong gives a report on the 11th Party Central Committee at the opening session of the 12th National Party Congress in Ha Noi yesterday.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong made the remark while delivering a report on the 11th Party Central Committee (the 2011-2015 term) at the opening session of the 12th National Party Congress in Ha Noi yesterday morning.

The report highlighted core contents of the documents submitted to the Congress.

- Firmly advancing on the path of reform.

- Developing rapidly and sustainably while striving to turn Viet Nam into an industrialised country.

- Firmly safeguarding the Motherland, maintaining a peaceful and stable environment, improving the effectiveness of external activities, and proactively integrating into the world.

- Putting into play the strength of national unity and socialist democracy, and building and perfecting a law-governed socialist State; and building a pure and strong Party, and improving its leadership and capacity to combat adversity.

The report also reviewed Viet Nam's achievements together with shortcomings over the past five years in politics, national security and defence, economics, culture, society, education and training, science and technology, diplomacy and international integration.

Regarding the achievements made in three decades of doi moi (renewal), the report said it was an important period during the cause of national construction and defence.

Viet Nam has made great and historic achievements on the path to socialism and national protection. However, there remain a number of major and complex issues that must be dealt with to develop the nation rapidly and sustainably, the report said.

The report underlined that these achievements proved the Party's reform policy was sound and creative, and the country's path to socialism was in accordance with the country's current situation and development trends, providing an important foundation for continued reform and vigorous growth in the years to come.

Delegates at the 12th National Party Congress, a congress of solidarity, democracy, discipline and renewal in Ha Noi yesterday. (Photo: VNA/VNS)

It also pointed out that the reform period required more comprehensive and synchronous development in terms of politics, economics, culture, society, national defence and security, and diplomacy.

Among them, socio-economic development is the focus, Party building is the key, building culture and human resources is the moral foundation; and enhancing national defence and security is a vital task.

To conclude, the report named six focal missions for the 12th tenure (2016-2020).

The first is to enhance Party building and reorganisation; prevent and fight the degradation of political thought, morality and lifestyle; and train a contingent of capable and reputable officials capable of performing their tasks.

The second mission is to organise a political system with lean, efficient and effective apparatus, and bolster the fight against corruption, wastefulness and bureaucracy.

Third, it is necessary to promote growth, labour productivity and competitiveness, and accelerate national industrialisation and modernisation with a focus on rural areas and new-style rural areas.

The fourth task is to resolutely safeguard the country's independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, and ensure peace and stability for national development.

The fifth mission is to mobilise all resources and people's creativity and promote the strength of national unity.

The last is to develop human resources in terms of morality, personality, lifestyle, intelligence and working capacity.

A total of 1,510 delegates representing more than 4.5 million Party members are attending the event, which will run until January 28.

The opening ceremony welcomed the attendance of former leaders of the Party, State and Fatherland Front, and veteran revolutionaries, mothers of war martyrs, outstanding professionals, religious dignitaries, and young people.

Foreign ambassadors and representatives of international organisations in Viet Nam were also present at the ceremony.

Politburo member and President Truong Tan Sang delivered the opening speech, stressing the significance of the 12th Party Congress.

Sang noted that the congress reflected the strong will and resolution of the nation to build a prosperous, democratic, fair and civilised Viet Nam as the country advanced towards socialism.

Politburo member and permanent member of the Secretariat Le Hong Anh then presented a report reviewing the leadership of the 11th Party Central Committee.

Source: VNS

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