770,000 students fail to enter university

The Ministry of Education and Training Saturday announced base marks to get into university this year.

Career  advisers ahev advised students to apply for vocational schools that are training employees to meet skills demanded by

According to the ministry, 770,000 students failed to get into university.

The base marks of A and D divisions is 13 (for three subjects: math, physics and chemistry, and math, literature and foreign language); B and C divisions- 14 (for three subjects: math, chemistry and biology, and literature, history and philosophy).

In last month’s university entrance exams, 1.6 million people applied and took exams for 203,000 places.

However, students failing to get into university this time can apply for their second and third choice with the same divisions in the hope that those universities have not selected enough students.

Careers advisers have also advised students failing to enter university to apply for vocational schools that are training employees to meet skills demanded by employers.

By staff writers-Translated by Dan Que

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