A special live show on President Ho Chi Minh’s journey to salvage the nation


Vietnam Televison Station (VTV1) at 8 pm today ( June 4th ) is to telecast  the special live show, “ Celebrating 100 th  anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s journey to salvage the nation”.


Known in those days as Nguyen Tat Thanh, a patriotic young man, Uncle Ho made the decision to go abroad in June 5th 1911 and travel to to Africa, America, Europe…to discover the pathway to freedom and to seek ways for national salvation.


The first great turning point was Uncle Ho’s departure in the summer of 1911, when he was 21 years old. On June 5, 1911, he left the nation on the ship, Admiral Latouche Treville using the name Van Ba and began to earn his living by working at various jobs, together with self education and exploration of realities.


Two guests invited by the live show - Associate Professor Ph.D Bui Dinh Phong ( from the Hochiminh Institute of Administration ) and the military strategy researcher Tran Trong Trung also retold about his strategic and timely policies in the days of hardship and difficulties of Vietnam’s revolution.  June 5, 1911 was an especially significant milestone, not only in the life of a person but also the history of a nation.


The live Show introduces valuable documents of President Ho Chi Minh: the letter Nguyen Tat Thanh sent to the President of France and the Minister of Colony of France, his determination to liberate the nation, then his was wake to Marxism-Leninism and became a communist devoted to the entire Vietnamese people.


A photo showing late President Ho Chi Minh (centre) dancing with young Kazakhstanis in 1959 (Photo VNA)

The strong point in the program is the interview of President Ho Chi Minh  by the then famous French journalist Danielle Hunebelle, which had been broadcasted in France TV on June 5th  1964 on the occasion of the 53 th anniversary of the day Uncle Ho left the mother land to seek pathways for national salvation.


The precious document belongs to the France National Reserve Institute.


On June 3rd, a seminar was organized by the Hochiminh Museum in Thua Thien – Hue province entitled “President Ho Chi Minh’s journey to salvage the nation”


Addressing the seminar, the Deputy Chairman of the provincial People's Committee of Thua Thien – Hue province, Ngo Hoa said that the seminar provided a deeper understanding of President Ho Chi Minh's Thought and his trip for national liberation.

He  also called on people to study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s Thought and morality in order to to promote the revolutionary tradition as well as building the form of socialism chosen by the Party, President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese people.


Thua Thien – Hue province was not the birth place of the late President but the province was where President Ho Chi Minh underwent his childhood, Mr Hoa stressed.  


Delegates delivered a wide range of speeches and reports grouped under ten themes highlighting the historic significance of President Ho's journey for national salvation which changed the destiny of the nation.

Source SGGP - Translated by H.T.D

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