AAF sponsors $65,000 to stop elephant riding in Dak Lak

The Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) gave the Yok Don National Park in the highlands province of Dak Lak $65,000 to develop alternative “animal-friendly tourism” without riding elephant.

Before, visitors pay for elephant riding in the park (Photo: SGGP)

Before, visitors pay for elephant riding in the park (Photo: SGGP)

The Animals Asia Foundation and the Yok Don National Park yesterday signed an agreement on support the transition towards no elephant riding for tourists visiting the park.
The two sides will increase information of protecting elephant as well as local people awareness of preserving the animal for the community and nationwide. The foundation will thus give design consultation of elephant sanctuary.
The Yok Don National Park committed to replace the elephant riding practice by alternative elephant-friendly tourism. No more elephant riding or other activities badly affect the animal will be seen in festivals or community events. Elephant will travel in the park freely; they are no longer chained in the evening.
The project aims to promote first elephant-friendly tourism in the Southeast Asian nation.
For years, visitors have paid for elephant riding, a popular tourism activity in the province and the park is one of the places offering the service.
The project of “elephant-friendly tourism” is carried out from July, 2018 to July, 2023.

By VAN PHUC – Translated by UYEN PHUONG

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