Action month supports handicapped children

During ‘Action Month for Children’, a program called 'A Safe, Friendly and Healthy Environment for Every Child’ will be launched from June 1-30, in which various activities will be held nationwide to help in particular the handicapped and poor children in remote area.

Action Month for Children will focus on the implementation of targets in health care, physical and educational training.(Photo:TH)

During action month, focus will be on the achievements and challenges in childcare work for the 2001-2010 periods as well as the implementation of targets in health care, physical and educational training by the National Action Program for Children in the 2011-2020 period.

A wide range of activities will be organized nationwide with the aim of raising awareness and responsibility of the community to help children live in a safe, friendly and healthy environment for their betterment.

On May 28, in response to Action Month for Children, the National Fund for Vietnamese Children implemented a series of activities to help poor children nationwide focus on carrying out the program of Operation Smile in 63 provinces and cities.

The fund also inaugurated new schools, fresh water systems and entertainment places for children in rural areas and offered 2,300 scholarships to handicapped and poor children in 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

Responding to the Action Month for Children this year, the Ministry of Labor, Invalid and Social Welfare mobilized nearly VND22 billion (US$1,1 million) from 14 domestic and foreign organizations.
The money will be used for programs and projects to help handicapped and poor children nationwide.

Action month will help Vietnam to reduce challenges and help children have a better life.

By Ph. Thao – Translated by T.Loan

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