Action month to attack drug criminals: PM

Vietnamese Prime Minsiter has just asked the ministries, departments and municipal and provincial people’s committees to implement action month to prevent and attack drug criminals in June.

The month-long campaign themed “Protecting young people from drug danger” aims to increase information of drug danger especially ill effects of synthetic drugs in the residents.

The PM ordered the Ministry of Public Security to instruct all forces to concentratedly investigate and raze rings  to sell drugs as well as complex residential quarters which are hot spots for drug sale in the country. Additionally police officers must arrest those who use computer and social networks to sell and encourage young people to use drug.

The Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of  Finance should work closely with the Ministry of Public Security to control border crossings, airports, international harbors to prevent transactional drug trafficking ring to bring drug into Vietnam.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade should liaise with the Ministry of Health to tighten control over materials to make medicines which criminals can use to make illegal addictive substances.

The People's Supreme Procuratorate and the People's Supreme Court are asked to cooperate with police forces to quickly  prosecute criminals in drug cases as well as convince drug addicts to voluntarily rehabilitate.

By PHAN THAO – translated by Anh Quan

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