ADB to help Thanh Hoa cut poverty

ADB's project will help communities develop small scale infrastructure at the commune level in Thanh Hoa Province -TL

The Asian Development Bank on June 20 agreed to grant US$2 million to help Thanh Hoa Province and Thanh Hoa City reduce urban poverty.


The grant, signed on the same day between ADB and the state bank of Viet Nam, is being financed by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction which is funded by the Government of Japan.


According to ADB’s Press release, the project will help communities develop small scale infrastructure at the commune level, which will enable them to access roads, a proper waste collection system, piped water supply, effective drainage and build a health center.


The project will also include the preparation of a grant implementation manual, training of the communities to selecting projects components and development of the monitoring and evaluation framework. The intention is to develop a model for community led poverty reduction efforts which could then be possibly applied to other cities and provinces.


The provincial government and the communities will contribute between 10 and 20% of the project costs; the Thanh Hoa people’s committee will be the executing agency of the project.


The grant will be implemented over a four year period. It will coincide with a large scale project currently under preparation for the comprehensive development of the Thanh Hoa city.


It is expected to be complemented each other in addressing infrastructure gaps in the city as well as contributed to improving living conditions and reducing poverty in urban and peri-urban areas.


Source: VNA

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