Agency elections job for 13th National Assembly

The first plenary session of the 13th National Assembly (NA) is scheduled to open on July 21 and will focus on State agency elections, according to a draft report in preparation for the meeting.

The report was presented at the 39th session of the National Assembly Standing Committee (NASC) chaired by Party General Secretary cum Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Phu Trong yesterday.

Under the report, the plenary session i s scheduled to finish on August 16.

The NA will spend 14 days working on a personnel plan for State agencies, including electing a NA Chairman and Deputy Chairmen; members of the NASC, Ethnic Council and NA committees; State President and Vice State Presidents; Prime Minister; tribunal president of the People's Supreme Court, and president of the People's Supreme Procuracy.

During the meeting, the NA will also decide on the Government's organisational structure and approve the appointments of deputy prime ministers, ministers and other Government members.

NA deputies plan to consider the Resolution of law and ordinance building programme for 2012, and give their opinions on the amended Law on Natural Resources and the Law on Higher Education.

NA Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong said in principle, the existing NA was responsible for setting a schedule and preparing facilities for the first session of the newly-elected NA.

Trong asked the existing NA to carefully study the Constitution, the NA Organisation Law, working regulations and reality in order to improve the operational efficiency of the new NA.

NA deputies said that soaring commodity prices were top of most people's concerns, while discussing the prevention of corruption and supervision of public expenditure.

The NA should take these issues into consideration when setting the agenda for the next Assembly, they said.

Presenting the draft report on assessing the outcome of the final session of the 12th NA, head of the NA Office Tran Dinh Dan said the agenda set for the session had been completed, with three laws passed and one law discussed.

However, shortcomings still existed, including the large number of absent deputies and the slow provision of documents and references regarding the deputies' opinions and contributions, Dan said.

Party General Secretary and NA Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong addresses the NA Standing Committee

The Capital Law had not been passed as planned due to differing opinions among NA deputies, Dan added.

Minister chairman of the Government Office Nguyen Xuan Phuc said in the final session, that democracy had been promoted during discussions between NA deputies, contributing to the decisions that had been made.

The important task now was implementing the NA's resolutions to curb inflation and ensure social security, Phuc added.

Preparations in hand

Preparations for the upcoming election were being implemented in accordance with the law and would be ready in time for the deadline, the election council for the 13th National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels for the 2011-16 term told NA Standing Committee members yesterday.

"Party executive committees, authoritative offices, Viet Nam Fatherland Front (VFF) Committees and social organisations in cities and provinces have prepared well to ensure the upcoming elections are successful," said Election Council General Secretary Pham Minh Tuyen.

The VFF Central Committee and provincial and municipal VFF committees ended their third consultative conferences by drawing up preliminary candidate rosters.

The conferences agreed on 830 candidates at central and local levels, including 15 self-nominated candidates.

Tuyen said female candidates, ethnic minority candidates and non-Party members had made up 31 per cent, 16 per cent and 14 per cent of candidates, respectively.

Although ratios were lower than in the 12th elections, the number of post-graduate candidates was higher, Tuyen added.

The total number of deputies to be elected to people's councils in 63 provinces

and cities is 3,832, while the total number for the district level is 21,131. The number of

deputies to be elected to people's council at communal level is 281,419.

Localities have been asked to make public the preliminary rosters for the 13th NA and People's Councils at all levels for the 2011-16 term by May 2 at the latest.

The election council said some communes and districts would hold elections earlier than the official election day of May 22, including the Truong Sa (Spratly) Archipelago.

Party General Secretary and National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Phu Trong asked concerned offices, cities and provinces to keep up the good work and address any issues that arose.


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