Around 335,253 houses need repair: Ministry

Around 335,253 houses of those who are in serving the cause of the nation's revolution are in need of repair, reported by Ministry of Construction.

The ministry of Construction has asked local authorities to report the number of families in serving the cause of the nation’s revolution which need support to repair houses nationwide.

This year, around 335,253 houses need support, according to local authorities, while it was 72,153 houses in 2012.

Subsequently, VND10, 537 billion (US$496,793) is needed to build all houses with VND9,912 billion (US$467,326) is from the state budget.

The number is much more than that as it is estimated of VND2,451 billion (US$115,558); accordingly the Ministry said it will be checked again.

As per the government’s supporting policy to families in serving the cause of the nation’s revolution, each house will receive VND40 million for building or VND20 million for repairing.

Construction Minister Trinh Dinh Dung said that such houses must be constructed firmly.

By Bich Quyen - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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