Asia media summit closes

The Eighth Asia Media Summit (AMS 8) closed in Hanoi Wednesday after two days of discussions, agreeing that the competition among broadcasters is becoming fiercer than ever.

Addressing the closing ceremony, Yang Binyan, Director of the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD), said that AMS 8 served as a platform for a multisectoral and multidimensional dialogue on the challenges and opportunities in the digital world for broadcasters.

He spoke of the summit’s outcomes, particularly in raising awareness and understanding among broadcasters of opportunities offered by technological advances and multiple delivery platforms such as the web, mobile, and social media that will expand their audience reach, address strong competition and improve their products and services as well as business returns.

Delegates to the summit reached a consensus that it was no longer business as usual for broadcasters in the battle for attention that has become more intense than ever in the digital world. They showed how news and social media have contributed towards addressing crisis and development needs in the region.

The summit helped AIBD and its partners to foster a more meaningful relationship with broadcasters, expand cooperation and contribute to an exchange of knowledge.

Through the summit Vietnam showcased its efforts in international integration and helped participants to better understand and speak of the country’s strong development dynamism, especially in the broadcasting industry.

The next summit will be held in May next year in Bangkok, Thailand.


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