Aussies in police detention due to joking terrorist on Vietnam flight

The national flag carrier Vietnam Airlines (VNA) said that its flight VN780 scheduled to leave Melbourne Airport bound for Ho Chi Minh City on September 9 was delayed twenty five minutes since an Aussie passenger said a word terrorist on boarding.

While finishing formality on boarding the flight VN 708 in Melbourne Airport at 10:35 am local time, an airline staff heard Luckham J.Y. and Puddy R.A talking then Luckham said: “Don’t let this guy board, he is a terrorist.”

Vietnam Airlines representatives immediately informed the flight’s captain and crewmembers, as well as liaised with the airport authorities to take the two Australian passengers off the plane.

Two Aussie passengers were put in Australian Federal Police custody on Tuesday after they described one of them as a terrorist when they were boarding a Vietnam Airlines flight bound for Ho Chi Minh City the same day, a spokesman of the Vietnamese flag carrier said.

The Australian Federal Police arrived at the scene and allowed the flight to depart, while holding the two passengers for investigation. Accordingly, the airplane also had to undergo a security check.

The flight VN780 eventually took off at11:00 am local time, a 25-minute delay. 207 passengers were affected by the terror hoax.

By My Hanh - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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