Ba Son Shipyard recognized as hero of people’s armed forces

Ba Son Shipyard, one of the largest ship repairers, organized a ceremony August 4 to mark the 85th anniversary of its establishment and receive the title Hero of the People’s Armed Forces, granted by President Nguyen Minh Triet.

Ba Son Shipyard has more than 130 years experience repairing and building ships and have now become the leader in their field, contributing to serve national defense and security missions.

In addition to repairing and building ships, the shipyard also specializes in steel fabrication, as well as transportation and engineering services.

The Shipyard has 14 different workshops and meets all requirements customers may have for repair ship hulls, renovating ship bottoms, repairing of all kinds of ship engines, ship-piping systems, electrical systems, different types of navigation equipment and other services.

Bason Shipyard formed in 1863 by the French colonialists was aimed to repair French warships that were used in conquering Indochina. The patriotic movement of Bason workers collected Vietnamese patriots in Southern Vietnam and played an important role in the fight against the French. Late President Ton Duc Thang was one of the Bason workers.

By Th.Hop-Translated by Le Thu

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