Binh Duong woman discovers giant mushroom

A woman in Thuan An town in southern Binh Duong Province, who went out to exercise yesterday morning, got more than she bargained for – a 40-centimeter edible mushroom.

“It emerged from a bush in an old brick kiln near my house,” Truong Anh Dao said.

“Initially, I thought it was a conical hat, but upon going closer, I realized surprisingly that it was huge mushroom.”

She pulled it by its roots and brought it home.

It is 50 cm tall, weighs 3.5 kg, and at its broadest, measures more than 40 cm across.

Dao’s neighbors flocked to her house to see the extraordinary sight, which seniors later said was an edible pigskin mushroom.

They also said it was the largest mushroom they have ever seen.

Last October Truong Chin Binh of central Phu Yen Province found a large mushroom, but it was only 15 cm wide. A normal mushroom is only several centimeters across.

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