Bird Flu Occurs in Vaccinated Chicks in Dong Thap

Fresh outbreaks of bird flu have occurred in flocks of vaccinated chicks in Cao Lanh and Lai Vung Districts of the Mekong Delta province Dong Thap.

A vet culls the diseased poultry and sterilizes the infected area

The vaccinated chicks were provided for poor families to help alleviate their poverty; however, the deadly disease attacked the flock and local vets have had to cull the diseased poultry.

Chairpersons of the Women’s Association of Tan Phuoc village and Dinh Hoa village (Lai Vung district), Vo Thi Kiem and Thai Thi Van, were devastated by the news.
They had hoped that their poor association members burdened with debt could settle their financial difficulties by raising and selling the flock of poultry.

Engineer Truong Thi Nen, head of Lai Vung Agriculture and Rural Development Department, said that bird flu had not recurred in the district for years; this outbreak of desease  in vaccinated chicks has haunted local authorities. New protocols state that close monitoring of poultry must follow all vaccinations.

It is now extremely important to find out what went wrong, and to find the cause of the disease in the vaccinated chicks, which had received  Luong My Company's  vaccine, said Deputy Director of Dong Thap’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Duong Nghia Quoc.

Worry was also expressed about the number of farmers that have been selling off all their poultry for VND20, 000 per kilo because they fear that otherwise they will lose all their money if their flocks become infected. Local authorities must now try their best to curb this behavior.

By Huynh Phuoc Loi - Translated by Uyen Phuong

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