Bloggers Criticize Vulgar Dance

Vietnamese bloggers have been extremely critical of a vulgar performance by two male dancers who are students of FPT Arena Multimedia (FPT University) at a ceremony celebrating the 20th anniversary of the founding of the FPT Corporation at National Convention Center in Ha Noi on Sept. 14.

The concert was entitled “Prelude to the age of 20.” It attracted an audience of more than 4,000, including the leaders, staff and students of FPT, as well as guests.

While the FPT Arena’s chorus performed a song, these young men wore loincloths too small to cover sensitive places on their body in imitation of Borat, a movie character played by British comedian Sacha Cohen. While on stage, they danced, performed martial arts and played with each other before the large audience.

A vulgar display shamed several female students who sat close to the stage. They were afraid when the performers rushed to embrace and kiss them.

The two-minute performance was violently criticized by not only staff of FPT, but also by members of the audience.

“I had not seen this item in the previous rehearsal,” said a member of the organizing board. “The performance was out of the script”.

“FPT Arena always encourages breakthrough creativity, but this event was accident creativity,” said Mr. Mai Thanh Long, director of FPT Arena.

“Leaders of FPT Arena will be held responsible for this matter,” he added.

A disgusting video of the event was posted on Youtube immediately afterward. Criticism in the blog community will harm the company’s prestige. Other companies should be made aware that a company’s culture is not a joke. 

Sources Thanh Nien, Tuoi Tre, Lao Dong, SGGP – Compiled by Khanh Huy

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